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xnomad 07-19-2005 12:04 AM

Switch to pseudo terminal you didn't log out of?
I logged onto my home machine remotely (from work) via ssh and started some downloads up. My box is on dial up and after about 5 hours the ISP terminated the line and my box dialed back up again.

During that time I was logged on via ssh. The dial up cut out and my sessions are still running. The downloads have resumed from what I can see via netstat.

The first three pseudo terminal sessions (shown below) are from this morning I had "screen" running and had the edonkey command line client running on one of them.
The last pts/03 is me logged on this afternoon.

Is there a way for me to gain access to the old screen session remotely via ssh?
If not is there a way I can access it again when I get back home locally?
I don't want to kill the sessions as I will have to queue in line for the download again but I do want to monitor it's progress.

xnomad pts/1 09:51 3:46m 0.01s 0.01s /bin/bash
xnomad pts/2 09:51 25:05 1.09s 1.08s edonkeyclc
xnomad pts/0 09:40 24:47 0.02s 0.00s screen
xnomad pts/3 14:39 0.00s 0.04s 0.00s w

mhallbiai 07-19-2005 12:15 AM

that is the beauty of screen. you can connect to it from any other location.

screen -ls
will list what sessions are available
screen -x <PID from screen -ls>

the -x is to connect without kicking any other connected sessions
man screen

hope this helps

xnomad 07-19-2005 12:35 AM

Thanks I'm in :-)
I should have messed about on the terminal trying to find the solution but it's so slow from downloading that I can't try anything out.

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