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Supafast 07-26-2005 05:39 PM

sw RAID - mdadm - Almost Done! - HD sizes differ slightly
Hi everyone,
I have used the "RAID-1 in a hurry with grub and mdadm" guide and after slight modifications here and there have got Linux to boot from my software RAID1 through GRUB. Wahoo! However, when it starts going through the filesystem check, it gives an error of:

Filesystem size according to superblock 692795 blocks
Physical size is 692768 blocks
Either superblock or partition table is likely to be corrupt!

I am 99% sure that this is because I built a degraded array on my second HD and it is a different size (same model, slightly different geometry = BIGGER) than my 1st HD. It could be because I have tried to get this working a whole bunch of times and now that I did get it working, I didn't zero out the superblock first and it is using the old one which would match up to the old HD.

I can get into the kernal just fine without starting the array, Is there any way to disable the disk-check temporarily?


Matir 07-27-2005 11:30 AM

You should be able to disable it in /etc/fstab by setting the passno to 0.

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