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BajaNick 01-15-2005 12:50 AM

Strange problem with lilo and booting other Hard Drive
I have 2 hard drives in a new system with kernel 2.6.10 on one and 2.4.27 on the other but when i choose the older kernel at the lilo prompt it boots up as 2.6.10 but I check some files and it is indeed the hard drive with the older kernel. I do uname -a and it shows kernel 2.6.10 when it should show 2.4.27. How can this be if I can see the files are the ones that are on the 2.4.27 kernel drive?


image = /boot/vmlinuz
root = dev/hda1
label = Linux-2.6.10
image = /boot/vmlinuz
root = dev/hdb1
label = MaxtorDrive

salparadise 01-15-2005 01:04 AM

Is it not possible to change image=/boot/vmlinuz to image=vmlinuz-version-number?

Don't know whether this will help but it might "force" the bootloader to load the desired drive. (??)

BajaNick 01-15-2005 01:22 AM

Yea, I thought thats the way it was supposed to be, with the kernel version but Ive seen many lilo.conf files with just vmlinuz. I am gonna try adding the number and unplug each drive and see what boots up at each choice. Thanks.

BajaNick 01-15-2005 09:22 AM

How can a hard drive boot into a new kernel that I have not installed it on? WTF is going on? When I choose the hard drive with the old kernel at the lilo prompt, it boots up as the new one, and I know its the old drive cuz I can hear it working, the new drive is silent. The only thing I see is that at boot there is an error message about not finding some 2.6.10 files but on the drive that is supposed to have 2.6.10 on it I dont get the errors when It boots up. Either choice I make I get the welcome to Linux 2.6.10 message and uname -a shows 2.6.10 on both drives. Anyone have any idea how this could be? oh yea, and I dont have a /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.10, its just plain vmlinuz, vmlinuz.old or vmlinuz-ide-2.4.26 on either boot directory of either drive. I have tried to modify lili.conf with every vmlinuz version in the /boot directory and then run lilo with no error. Anyone have any other ideas before I go crazy :eek: Thank for any replies.

salparadise 01-15-2005 09:47 AM

Disconnect the drive with 2.6.10 kernel, edit the bootloader to load the 2.6.10 kernel and it should crash out at the beginning of the boot process complaining it can't find kernel-2.6.10.
The add the old kernel to the bootloader and maybe remove the bootloader from the old drive.

Does this mean uname -r takes it reading from the bootloader when it reports on the kernel version?

BajaNick 01-15-2005 11:43 AM

What I originally wanted to do is install 2 separate Slack 10 installs with the 2.6.10 kernel on each drive and be able to choose them from lilo. But this seems to be more complicated than I thought. Thanks

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