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mikeyt_3333 08-06-2001 01:27 PM

Strange Behaviour
The following is with RH7.1

K, install goes great, although slow on a 4x cd. Mouse works fine in install, monitor passes X test etc... So now I reboot after install, linux boot process goes okay, and then I come to the login prompt and all of a sudden my screen is justing flashing, this only happens at the login prompt. I had RH7.1 installed previously on this box, and it was running fine. I have made 0 and I mean 0 changes to it, but I decided to reload because the mouse for some reason works in install but not after that, and when I would use mouseconfig I got a core dump. So figured maybe there is a prob in this install and attempted another install, the mouse still doesn't work outside of the installation process, and I also have this wonderfully fancy flashing of my screen.

With this flashing it flashes about five times, and then pauses at the login prompt, but only for a sec, it then starts flashing again. When I press Ctrl+Alt+Del the flashing stops and the shutdown begins just fine. Same video card as the first functional install, nothing has changed in this box. Any ideas why it flashes, and why the mouse works during install, but can't even be found outside of install. Infact the first startup after the installation brings up Kudzu saying that the Ps/2 mouse has been removed.

I am baffled, and frustrated, and looking for a saviour! Thanks in advance for all and any help!


trickykid 08-06-2001 01:44 PM

By any chance are you trying to boot into a graphical mode to log into instead of the terminal? If so, you will want to boot into either runlevel 3 or 1 and then reconfigure X.

d3funct 08-06-2001 01:59 PM

Also, since kudzu thinks the mouse is gone, let it edit the config file and when you reboot and kudzu runs see if it sees the "new" mouse and configure it. No need to keep installing to fix these problems though. After all this ISN't Window$, you can run "setup" from the command line and configure X and the mouse.

mikeyt_3333 08-06-2001 02:10 PM

The problem is I can't even log in to fix any mouse or anything. Yes it is trying to boot into GUI login, I will try the dif run level and see if that get's me anywhere. Thanks!

Please anymore suggestions are more then welcome.

d3funct 08-06-2001 04:07 PM

When you reboot and assuming you get a lilo prompt (LILO: ) at the LILO: prompt type "linux single" this will put you in single user mode as root and give you a command prompt '#'. At the prompt type setup and you will get a menu, on the menu is "mouse configuration" and "X configuration". Use this menu to reconfigure them. Hope this helps. BTW, if "linux single" doesn't work, you can boot the machine with your install disks and follow all the prompts as if your installing, BUT when you get to the screen where you actually start the install type [ctrl][alt][F2] and mount your root directory (/dev/hda?) (whatever your root partition is) to /tmp and do the setup thing. You can also do this if you lose your root password.

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