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collen 04-01-2004 09:25 AM

Squid & cgi-bin ? .. Prob.
G'day ya all..

i'm running RH9, with squid proxy server, iptables (for routing & firewall)

i got it up and running..
but for some pages i get a "No route to host" error

it's for the cgi-bin's ect.. (like they use web mail... ect)
example, works fine..
but entering a search job, returns in that error,
coz google uses
a cgi script..

on the server it self it all works fine..
i already droped the firewall for testing, but the prob is not there..
coz the error stay's..

does annyone have anny sugestions ??

in my squid.conf i already added these:
hierachy_stoplist cgi-bin ? search?
acl QUERTY urlpath_regex -i cgi-bin \? search?


Collen <MLHJ>

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