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Babe963 09-12-2006 03:35 PM

Small fonts in non KDE apps..

I just installed KDM so that I could have the graphical login and the option to shutdown and reboot from KDE...

Everything went cool and nice except that all of my Non-KDE softwares menues fonts are soooooooo small ..

Any idea how I can fix that?

Changing the font option in KDE control center works on KDE apps only?

Any ideas...

reddazz 09-12-2006 03:55 PM

Install gtk-qt-engine. Once thats done start kcontrol -> appearance & themes -> gkt styles & fonts and change the fonts to match your KDE fonts.

stress_junkie 09-12-2006 04:22 PM

If reddaz' method doesn't work then do exactly the opposite. I was having trouble with small fonts in Gnome based applications while running KDE. My default setting was what reddaz suggested. So I did the opposite. I set the GTK fonts to something that I specifically selected rather than having them set to be the same as the KDE fonts. Then I also ran gnome-control-center and ran the fonts applet. I selected larger fonts in their as well. Now almost all of my application tool bars and menu bars and other stuff is as large as the fonts in my KDE compliant applications.

Don't forget that some applications like Kontact and Firefox also have their own font selection. However you won't find a setting in Firefox to select the font of the menu bar. In fact this is one font that I haven't been able to enlarge by any means to date.

Babe963 09-13-2006 12:54 AM

Thanx guys .. installing the gtk-qt-engine seems to have fixed the problem.. I just hope it doesn't go back after reboot ...

Back to my homework :(


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