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MatejLach 09-16-2011 11:37 AM

Slow start [X problems?]
I was using my current Arch Linux (64b) install for some time now without any problem.
some time ago I turned on my laptop as usual and the "boot" time was really slow compared to the time before...
Normally it took about 5 seconds to get me to GDM and then around 2 seconds to get GNOME ready for work...
Now, it is around 11 seconds for GDM and another 5 for GNOME...

I personally think that this is not so much something else but X - because it will take around 5-6 seconds from the time when my GDM wallpaper will firstly show up to the time when the actual GDM login screen will pop-up.

I really don't know what is causing something like that, so I am asking here for help...

I cannot fit all the information here - it won't let me, so PLEASE take a look at:

(All the logs are there.)

(Could it be this bug? - )

tristezo2k 09-18-2011 12:30 AM

Checking the log it seems as if
Mon Aug 22 18:59:44 2011: :: Starting crond daemon ^[[161G [BUSY] ^[[161G [DONE]
Mon Aug 22 19:02:23 2011: :: Adjusting system time and setting kernel timezone ^[[71G [BUSY] ^[[71G [DONE]
cron is taking to long to start.
HAve you tried removing any splash screen you may have and seeing where it stops ?
Did you tried disabling gdm and seeing how long it takes to boot?


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