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duffboygrim 01-02-2004 09:24 AM

Slow internet connection

I have my internet connection on Mandrake 9.2 working, but compared to when I connect with windows, it is a good deal slower :(

I have a connexant modem with a fully licensed driver from linuxant so it should be up to 56k. When I open the KPPP statistics, the max KBs I seem to get is 3-4 KBs. Is this normal? :confused:

Are there any tweaks that can get things running quicker?



Bill Gates 666 01-02-2004 11:01 AM


Have you looked in ifcfg-ppp? (etc/sysconfig/network-scripts). Whats in there?

I would imagine that without compression your 56kbit/sec line might connect at about 3-4 kbytes/sec dependant on your ISP. If you mean 3-4 kbits/sec then there is a problem!!

Look in /proc/net for your modem device. What does it say in that (virtual) file?

I am using one of the connexant PCI ADSL modems and that was not much fun too setup. Thankfully someone had kindly hacked their out-of-date driver :-) Maybe there is a better unofficial driver out there at the Lin-Modems site?

Just a few thoughts hopefully might help??!!

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