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xcobra 06-08-2002 07:25 AM

Slackware 8 X-window System
I installed slackware 8 (full without promps). I'm new to this and have many questions. I've also downloaded all the docs but couldn't find my questions.

1. Hi another question: I want to run another windowsmanager; just for fun. So log in as root; typed xwmconfig and i scrolled down to xinitrc.wmmaker windowmaker pressed ok, then i typed startx againg and it boots kde strange... I installed the full editions so windowmaker should start right? Tell me if I done something wrong or should download wmaker....

3. Well in the case I should download; it's easy to untar, gunzip from the shell and it's explained well in the tutorials. But whats the best directory to untar and unzip in... I use the user/home directory but I don't want to make a mess from my system.


NSKL 06-08-2002 07:38 AM

If i remember well windows maker is notr installed by default. Check this by typing (as root) updatedb and wait till it exits. Then type locate windowmaker and see what it reports. If it is installed you might want to look for a window maker install script, something such as wmaker or wmaker.install, etc...
BTW these Slackware specific questions should go under Distributions>Slackware.
Hope that helps

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