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steltner 05-17-2003 08:00 AM

shell script programming

I'm realy new at Linux shell programming, but have many years experience in C++ etc and some big troubles - it seems thats not easy. ok, what I want do is to call one shell script from the another one. I got some error regarding the command line proccessing:

script 1 (

#! /bin/sh
# switches:
# -ibck in background
/opt/rar/rar_static $3 -s -rr8 -cl -m5 -hp$4 $1.$2.01.rar /data/pictures/_index/bmp/$1/$1.$2.*.bmp

script 2 (

. compress 1999 103 a password

But I got message that the RAR can't find the *.bmp files. Than I called the alone for debugging like:

sh -x 1999 103 a password

and got the same result with the output:

'/opt/rar/rar_static $3 -s -rr8 -cl -m5 -hp$4 $1.$2.01.rar' /data/pictures/_index/bmp/$1/$1.$2.*.bmp

I'm realy suprised about the quotes. May someone can give me some advice.


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