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superduty455 10-12-2004 11:58 AM

Setting up Linux Distro for Public/Kiosk use
Is this possible ? I am looking to set up a Linux system for Public internet use. This system will be use in a Recreation center as email, Internet and IRC instant messaging. We are currently using Windows 2000 and Fortress security software. This works but is buggy and would like something better. Can I lock down a Red Hat, Mandrake etc, system to only allow desktop access and still have messengers run ? ALso need to be able to print to a network printer.
I need to lock this system down as much as possible but still be able get into all the silly messengers that people want to use. There are approx 100 users a day who would use the system and even with our current setup they can get trashed. I would like to explore possiblities of using something better (wink) than Windows. This would be something similar to policies.
Only hang up I can see would be (yuck) AOL that most of them use. If anyone could offer some suggestions. I want to try something different..

rshaw 10-12-2004 12:05 PM

kde offers a kiosk mode where you can dictate what the user can or can't do.

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