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Megamieuwsel 08-23-2004 12:05 PM

Setting ISO8859-15 as the system-wide default ; how?
Here's the problem :
From all my foolin' around with the system , I've found out (so far) that VL standard adheres to the ISO8859-1 characterset.

Since I need the ISO8859-15 one (I'm using the Dutch no-deadkeys-layout) I want to make it so , that ones becomes the system-wide setting. (8859-1 is retarded.....)
I have managed to find a work-around for this in X with the installation of a custom-keymap , but on the CLI it's still lacking : The ALT-GR combos still don't work. :(

While on boot it says (like it's supposed to): "Assuming ISO8859-15" I still can't type characters like etc. on the command-line.

I'm sure , this can be achieved by editing a/some files and/or a/some commands.
Anybody able to lend me a hand here?

I don't want to be dependent on X......

Megamieuwsel 08-25-2004 03:52 PM


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