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Пожарный 08-08-2012 03:30 PM

set default ciphers in .curlrc
The NSS libraries in cURL do not load all the ciphers I need by default so I wish to edit the .curlrc file and add the ciphers there, but I cannot determine the correct format for this. If you "man curl" the URL given with the cipher list is bad. I've Googled and searched all over the site and have been unable to find a good example of how to add ciphers to this file.

The root problem is if I just try curl with no params, it times out with an SSL error but if I specify the ciphers as below, it works:

curl --cipher rsa_rc4_128_sha

I'm trying to use curl against multiple sites in a shell script so do not want to put the cipher option in the script.

Apologies if this is wrong forum.



onebuck 08-08-2012 07:18 PM

Member Response

Welcome to LQ!

Look at the online Wiki cURL lists several linked sites that you can get some example help from.

Or online curl manual. I checked & this link is functional: RFC 3986. Example(s) on this page are not meant to be linked too, just an example on this page. Poorly written online man page.


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