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Drakkath 04-21-2005 12:52 PM

Seeking a suitable distro... need help
I have recently acquired a Toshiba Sattelite pro laptop and would like to be able to install Linux on to it. However, it is a P133 w/ 32 mb RAM. I know I could install just about any distro and use the terminal only, but I would at least like to have a graphical enviornment that would run reasonably well. This laptop is going to function as my firewall/router as well hopefully.

My initial thought was to install just a terminal version and use a LiveCD when I want desktop access and etc, however I can't find a LiveCD either that will support a PC this slow. I am sure Window Maker of XFCE with some less obtrusive software would work but I can't find anything like that.

Enought rambling.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

XavierP 04-21-2005 01:11 PM

This question comes up very very regularly. The answers are usually Debian or Slackware together with Fluxbox/XFCE/FVWM or other lightweight window manager.

Drakkath 04-23-2005 04:37 PM

I used Damn Small Linux and installed it instead of using the CD and it works GREAT.

Anyone trying to install a Linux OS on a 486-Pentium 133, I think that DSL is the best distro for this use. I have a 1gb HD on my laptop and I can actually dual boot Win98 and Linux and still have harddrive space to spare.

AND, DSL is completely expandable and almost 100% Debian compliant.

Just thought I'd say that in case anyone has the same question in the future.


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