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phr3ak 02-12-2013 02:17 PM

SAN and Clustering
Hi all,
for past few weeks i am trying to learn two concepts - "Storage Area Network" and "linux Clustering".
I am googling most of the time and moving is a nice option but I am looking for some good books on this topics,As I am new to this technologies,please suggest me some good books for this.
using books does helps me a lot and would appreciate your suggestions and feedback in this regard..

Thanks & regards

Kustom42 02-12-2013 03:03 PM

Well Linux clustering and SANs are two different monsters(although they interact commonly in some setups). I am assuming you are referring to clustered file systems, if not be a bit more specific.

What are you having troubles with on SANs, its kind of a generalization, there are the basic fundamentals of what a SAN is and then there are the other features that providers have built into their SANs that can be misconstrued as to being a fundamental feature of SAN topology. is a good place to get some basic info on what a SAN is and what the difference is between a NAS.

At the end of the day its basically a device or block level remote storage, usually presented over a fibre channel. The server sees these as physical disks the same way it would recognize a hard drive in the system. How the LUN is presented to the system is dependent upon the SAN you are using, Hitachi is slightly different from EMC and so on.

phr3ak 02-13-2013 01:17 AM

well explained sir!
the link is very useful indeed.thanks.
I have always relied on books first to make concepts and then go for articles,whitepapers etc on google.I did find some books, both for SAN and Clustering but they are plenty, i am just stuck at which should I follow,need some recommendation here :(

secondly,isnt it hard to google the topics and grasp the contents (I have seen people doing it !! and they are expert!!!)
I always go for a good book and then extend my knowledge by googling out "specific" topic.
so please advice.


Kustom42 02-13-2013 12:10 PM

There is a book called "Pro Data Backup & Recovery",, that is very well written. It discusses the basics of the different topologies and talks about the different major software vendors and how they interact and do their storage setup. It talks in detail about NetBackup, Data Domain, and other products you are definitely going to see in a production environment.

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Thanks for info...

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