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jeremy 10-14-2000 12:49 PM

The Samba team announced that they will be splitting in two. One team (Samba) will continue on the current path and the new team (Samba TNG) will aim for full Windows 2000 compliance/compatibility. Should be interesting. The announcement is available here -

Larry James 10-14-2000 06:32 PM

I wonder will Bill Gates start to change the Win2000 charectistics to throw curbs. I'm sure they want to keep the market for their WindowsNT servers. With this support in Samba, many will go to the ease of using Linux for serving their resources over Windows products.

Linux is much easher to backup and manage file systems over Windows. You can also very easily do maintenance from anywhere without having to be on the site.

I hope Bill Gates doesn't throw wrenches into the pot. This can be a nice bridge starting point to see more standards in computing.

-- L. James

bjc 10-16-2000 05:43 PM

I'm not sure how the Samba team is going to continue their projects. Will Samba release TWO programs or integrate their code into one program after both teams are done?

jeremy 10-17-2000 10:21 AM

They are two totally separate projects now. Here is the author of Samba's response -

bjc 10-17-2000 05:40 PM

In other words, the new group's final project will only support Windows 2000?

jeremy 10-17-2000 05:48 PM

From the first link:

I've stated them before, but will do so again here: our
goals for tng:

- expanding the PDC functionality (we want (full) w2k support)
- adding printing support
- adding interopability features (like: an endpoint mapper)
- rewriting portions of the rpc code to make use of our
dce/rpc library (which is another project we are doing

Subprojects (main goals for our dce/rpc toolkit):
- writing an IDL compiler (makes life so much easier :-))

There are probably more, but we'll keep you updated on the
lists and the website.

bjc 10-17-2000 06:16 PM

ok, thanks.

I was going to say that if Samba was going to release two programs-one only supporting Windows 9x clients, and another only supporting Windows NT clients-then the world will be in the same problem as they would be in Windows 2000, because 2000 Server, AS, and DC do not support 9x nor NT as much as it does 2000 Professional...luckily Samba is the way they are.

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