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dgauri 12-18-2009 06:15 AM

Run a USB application while booting the system, before GRUB starts executing
I have small display board connected to my PC on its USB port. I have developed an application which displays a string over it. I want to run this application automatically when my system boots up. Also it should execute before GRUB.
I tried to search if there is any system file, where in I can make an entry of this executable(of my application), so that it will run when the system boots up, and that too before GRUB.
I have created a Makefile for my application.

I am not getting any clue, to how to go for it.
Please help me in this respect.

raju.mopidevi 12-18-2009 07:02 AM

probably you may need to place that program in BIOS, or else you may need to boot from your pendrive.

If you place that program in BIOS then you run that program. and boot os from hard disk.

dgauri 12-18-2009 11:31 PM

I am quite new to this.
Can you please tell me how to place my program in BIOS.

XavierP 12-23-2009 06:17 AM

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michaelk 12-23-2009 09:49 AM

Just out of curiosity what type of information is being displayed on your board? Why does it need to be run before grub?

dgauri 12-24-2009 12:57 AM

This displays the device boot up information.

Now I have downloaded grub source code and i have done a little change that i have inserted my own code in it. now i am trying to compile the grun source code. However it has certain specifications, like gcc and binutils versions. it requires, gcc version more than 2.95. I have gcc version 4.4. so i think it should work. Also, i have binutils version 2.10, however i am not able to compile binutils 2.10 as it is not supported over host=i686. I am stucked here. How to go for it now?
Please help me out.

dgauri 02-13-2010 04:13 AM

Run my application between BIOS and GRUB
I want to run my own application (BSP) from USB dongle. This BSP should get called when BIOS execution is done. I can specify boot from USB option and direct the boot up sequence to USB. However, how can I run the BSP at this stage. Also once BSP execution is done, the same BSP should call the GRUB and shoul continue further execution.

How this can be done. Please suggest.

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