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Dr_G 07-15-2001 04:17 AM

run a linux app on windows
ok i know linux is the better os,
but is there a program to run linux
programs under windows 95?

mcleodnine 07-15-2001 04:23 AM

You could have a look at VMware's website or you can see if the app you are interested in has been ported to Win. (The Gimp was one good one that comed to mind)

trickykid 07-15-2001 10:12 AM

Bit of a warning though, VMware is a hog, if your looking to run just one app from Linux on Windows, you probably want to check first like mcleodnine said to see if has been ported over to Windows already.

What app is it that you want to use?

GonzoJohn 07-15-2001 10:54 AM

Let's not forget, if you have the bandwidth and the drive space, there are several versions of Linux that will install on a Windows vfat filesystem. Although I'm not sure this is what you're looking for, PhatLinux and WinLinux2000 both will install on a Windows machine without reformattting or anything. Of course, the downside is you can't run the two simultaneously like you can with VMWare, which I use. The thing to remember with VMWare is the more RAM you have, the better. I run it on a PII-366 laptop with 128 MB RAM, and it's a little pokey (to be kind) but useable.;)

Also, there is an effort to port many Unix/Linux programs to windows with U/Win. You can read about it here:

Dr_G 07-16-2001 09:03 PM

app to run
i've no app in mind yet, also the only free machine i've got is a p166MMX (we can't all be speed freaks, personally i don't have the money for it.)

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