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einstien 02-10-2005 02:35 PM

root with rescue disc
i tried getting throw rescue disc of fedora core 3 cd 1

but i couldnot log in as root

i wrote su and i could not log in as root

those any one knows how i log in as root when im in rescue mode?

what are the commands and all that?

acid_kewpie 02-10-2005 02:58 PM

the rescue mode IS runnign as root, or rather, single-user mode. you don't log in, you don't change users. you're just plain root...

einstien 02-10-2005 03:30 PM

ok but here is the problem...

i cant see the files i need and i cant even enter some of my folders!!

so how do i get to them if in rescue mode he says some dose not agsist and some he wont let me open not even folders its driving me crazy

michaelk 02-10-2005 04:29 PM

The rescue disk should mount your / partition at /mnt/sysimage.
Navigate to that directory to see your real files and folders.

Tinkster 02-10-2005 04:35 PM

What does
by itself give you?


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