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MrJoshua 06-17-2003 04:08 PM

RH 7.3 Backup and Restore
I seem to be having HD problems with on my Dual MP server at work, it is running RH 7.3 and has MP 1800+s in it, on a Tyan Tiger 2460. Grub takes forever to load, and about half of the time it fails to mount the HD. The drive clicks alot as well. So of course the HD is bad.

My question is that I need to tar and gzip everything in the file system, and install Grub on a the new HD, and put a mirror image of the filesystem of the server on the new HD. I also need Grub to call of the old data that will be put on the new HD. I need to do this with out using dd, since there is no way to get an exact matching HD now. Does anyone have any tips or know of any docs I can read on this? Thanks for your help.

MrJoshua 06-18-2003 11:39 AM


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