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enygma 11-12-2004 05:51 PM

Restoring LVM when a disk fails
I have an LVM partition spanning across /dev/sda3 and /dev/sdb1. There is about 90GB on /dev/sda3, but /dev/sdb has failed, so that drive is no longer functional. There is a partition with data I would really like to get a hold of that MAY be on the disk with the good part of the LVM partition. The volume group was only 40GB and was the first volume group I created.

However, because the LVM is missing an entire hard drive, I can't mount it or anything. Is there anything that will allow me to force mount what may be available and try to see if there is any data that may be recoverable at all on that part of the LVM?

trickykid 11-13-2004 08:58 AM

You could probably try using a bootup disk like Knoppix or throw the drive into another computer to try and mount from it, grab any data you'd want from it, etc.

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