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prafulnama 02-24-2011 10:17 AM

Reservations for System UID/GID

I have a question regd. reservations for the system GID's/UID's in Redhat. I understand that numbers <500 are reserved for systems and >500 for users. In the former, is there a range that is reserved for private use (like the 10. range in the case of IP addresses)? I need to create a system group and user and specify a GID and UID and I would like to make sure that the numbers do not conflict with some other package.


unSpawn 02-24-2011 12:06 PM

AFAIK there's no "central registry" of account names and Id's like IANA for port assignments. If you 'awk -F':' '{print $3, $1}' /etc/passwd|sort -gk1;' on a full system then probably uid's range from 0 spilling over into 200 and then it gets sparse. While it is traditional to have an uid < 500 I wonder if an unprivileged account could do too and even if there's conflicts, it wouldn't be hard to use another uid, right? Unless you hardcode it it'll just be resolving the account name to the uid, so the specific number woulnd't really affect operation, wouldn't it? (Tell me if this doesn't make sense, OK?)

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