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fredmt 04-26-2005 10:00 PM

Rescue using Live CD
I messed up my FC3 installation trying to install nVidia FX Video card: totaly! Is it possible to recover some files from the /home directory before doing a clean install?
The computer wouldn't even boot at -init 3- level. The FC rescue CD hangs and all attempts at using the regular FC CD's have failed. I am looking at the system using Knoppix Live CD. I can see the /home directory but I cannot open it: permission denied and all that good stuff.

Question(s): What are the symbolic links of getting to my /home directory?
Can I open my /home directory and copy out the files that I need?
If I cannot do these things, can anyone suggest a way of me recovering FC3 without destroying said /home folder?
And: Is there a distro, other than FC3 where installing nVidia cards is less difficult?


brainiac 04-26-2005 10:13 PM

To get access with a Knoppix Live CD go to the "Knoppix" submenu, open the root shell, type "passwd", enter a password, verify it, and you can Login as root and do your file access and copying. I just used Knoppix to rescue a totally DOA Win Xp machine and a dead 98SE machine. There is a good Knoppix howto at it gives more details on how to access dead machines. It kind of leans towards MS but you can get the idea. Good Luck, it worked great for me.

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