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zsolt_tuser 04-20-2007 11:54 AM

Rescue System with Webinterface

I want something like what the big hosting companys offer: a webinterface where you can choose to boot into a Rescue System (network boot). How can I make that? Is there a software that can make that? I mean I know how I can boot into a Rescue System via network but how can I make that with a Webinterface with user login and so on.

Any help would be apreciated!

telovoyagarcar 04-21-2007 09:35 PM

Try with "webmin".

b166 04-21-2007 09:46 PM

You would need a remote reboot device to achive this. These devices are not cheap. I did a quick search for one and it's $250 and it will only reboot one computer. For 8 computers its $700 and up. You may be able to find one cheaper on Ebay or the such.

As an alternative you could use the Net::SSH perl module to log into the machine and reboot it. But that kinda defeats the purpose because the remote computer would have to be up and responding for it to work.

I dont know of any web interfaces specificilly for this. However, I have used a couple for RedHat Kickstart servers. I believe one was KickstartWeb v1.5. You would need to edit it to add the auto reboot functionality. Also this is assuming your using RPM based distros. Good Luck.

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