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robson8112 01-21-2004 03:01 PM

removing packages

I need to remove unwanted packages from my Redhat 9 machine

I want to uninstall OfficeOrg etc

Whats the best way?


fancypiper 01-21-2004 03:16 PM

First, describe how you installed it.

Red Hat 9.0 Package Management Tool

# Guides to software management
LNAG - How do I install a program I downloaded from the Internet?
Rute Guide's software explanation
You might want to check out CheckInstall to manage source code installations/uninstallation

Tinkster 01-21-2004 03:17 PM

Depends on how you installed it mate ...

if it was an rpm package, use rpm -e ...

if it was OO's binary installer, use it's
uninstall ...



robson8112 01-21-2004 04:34 PM


The packages where installed when RH was installed originally.

I've tried uninstalling packages via the package manament, but i get errors!

eg when removing Gnome

Packages not found

kde = 3.1-5
kdegraphics = 3.1-4

whats that all about!??

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