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shri_22ram 01-23-2013 05:33 AM

remote logging problem with syslog utility
I am using centOS 4.x and using syslog 1.4.1
I am redirecting a syslog messages to host1. After that i have changed the host1 to host2 in /etc/syslog.conf. The syslog messages are redirecting to host2.
After rebooting the system i am getting some syslog messages in host1.
I can able to reproduce this issue few times.

Is this the cache problem in syslog or some other problem in linux?

linosaurusroot 01-23-2013 05:57 AM

Typically a host logs some syslog messages to itself. Maybe what you can see in host1 originates on host1?

Are you using 3 hosts? "centos", "host1", "host2" and logs from "centos" are unexpectedly arriving at "host1"?
If so show the syslog.conf here and how the hostname resolution is done.

shri_22ram 01-23-2013 06:29 AM

I am using Two centOS linux machines. From the third machine (CentoOS_Main) i am redirecting syslog messages to centoOS_1 . After some time i am redirecting syslog messages to CentOS_2. It works fine. After sometime i rebooted my CentOS_Main machine and i am observing very few syslog messages sent to centOS_1. Actually nothing has to sent to centOS_1.
I have observed this by capturing packets by tcpdump.

In /etc/syslog.conf i have used the ip of the centOS_1 machine. After that manually edited the syslog.conf by deleting the centOS_1 ip and entering centOS_2 ip.


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