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gblydenburgh 06-26-2001 11:55 AM

REmote Administration
I am a Linux newbie, with a question. Is there a pcAnywhere-ish software for X-windows. I have used VNC it ok but I am looking for something to redirect the actual KDE desktop (icons, backup, toolbar, etc...). When I tried VNC I just get a black X-session, with an xterm window sitting at a command prompt. Is there software that can do this. Am I just using VNC wrong...

cyberc 06-26-2001 12:06 PM

Try telnet.

gblydenburgh 06-26-2001 12:11 PM

I am looking to get the KDE desktop not a telnet session. I just found out how to get the gnome desktop (gnome-session). Is there a similar vnc command to get a KDE desktop?

jrmann1999 06-26-2001 03:03 PM

/path/to/kde/binaries/startkde will start a kde session

I'm confused, are you using VNC to actually send your XDM session? Or are you just logging in remotely and pushing your display out onto whichever IP address your on? A perhaps safer(and a bit easier) way is to tunnel XDMCP through SSH. Various and plentiful howto's discuss this.


gblydenburgh 06-27-2001 08:36 AM

That did the trick thanx. I was just trying to open a KDE desktop session thru vnc. This will never be used outside of our corporate firewall so security isn't that big of an issue....Thanks again

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