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admore 11-02-2004 08:46 AM

Relay Server<-> GatewayServer<->filtering server: PostFix, amavis,spamassassin, cyrus
Please help: l have the following problem to deal with:

My boss wants the following setup for the mail servers:
Mail comes through to, and these mails must be forwarded to for filtering (spamassasin and amavis), then Comp2 must relay the mails back to so that the users can download the mails from there. and use Redhat 9, and l have installed the filters fine on and they run smoothly. is the one that has the cyrus delivery and the mysql accounts for users. Get the picture?

Now, my boss does not want to change anything on the current setup, just forward all mails to the filter ( and have them back to with the headers added (X-spam-Status and X-virus-Status).

What is the best way to implememt this? How can you avoid the loops? Can you use procmail. Can postfix handle it alone or l need some other tool, please include details because l have just started using Linux 1 month ago. Please dont try to make me change my bosses mind because l have tried to do so but failed.

Also is it possible to forward all mails that come through tto another computer, using procmail (please provide the code).

Another quick one: l have reinstalled Win on my machine and it boots starigt to wqindows, it does not offer me the options to choose the OS. HOWTO solve thtat is also required/

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