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esteeven 05-07-2002 05:52 AM

Reinstall SuSE 7.3
I have messed around with rc.config and SuSEFirewall just a bit too much. My system boots and everthing is fine-
1) the login manager won't go back to the K type
2) eroaster has stopped working
3) my cable network connection has fallen apart
4) I still haven't managed to get Masq to work - I got confused by SuSEFirewall2. Help!! This is the root of all of my problems.
5) things are very slow

In the interests of learning, I want to do a fresh install-this time armed with more knowledge. I also want to add a second hard drive to my system. If I install on the new drive, will I be able to mount the old drive and grab all of my documents etc. and move them to the new drive and then format the old HDD? I could copy burn everything but eroaster has gone crazy - it starts up and then half disappears.

What I'd like is to boot into the new drive and "play" until I've got Masq set up properly and then add the old HDD as a second drive for storage purposes.

Would it be NewHDD = Master/ OldHDD = slave? If both drives are there when I install SuSE 7.3 on to the new drive, will SuSE leave the old drive alone? But recognise it for what it is?

Please help!

Aussie 05-07-2002 06:58 AM

Replace the old drive with the new one, do your install to the new drive and when you have things set up replace the old drive on a spare channel, mount it and copy your docs over. Linux sees ide drives as primary master = hda, primary slave = hdb, secondary master = hdc and secondary slave = hdd. Have a look at the Multi Disk HOWTO for hints and tips. I have my system spanning two drives with my /home on its own drive, if I ever need to reinstall/update I can do it with out formatting /home and thus preserve all my personal data any any config backups that I need to keep.

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