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Citizen Bleys 08-13-2001 09:36 AM

RedHat login screen.
I just read about how to configure gdm, the default login screen under RedHat 6.0 (gdm = GNOME Desktop Manager). Now, the best thing about Linux is its philosophy; Bill just makes whatever settings he chooses into a standard, while Linus lets the user decide. Naturally, I immediately opened up gdm.conf and started playing around in order to make my system more...mine.

It didn't work.

Does anybody know the name of the desktop manager (and conf file) that RedHat 7.1 uses? If it makes any difference, I selected KDE as my default GUI when I installed. (I like the new KDE better than GNOME)

gizmola 08-14-2001 05:04 AM

Well that's your problem. GDM is used to start gnome. If you make KDE your desktop then it uses KDM. There's also the original xdm which you could use if you desired.

So the short answer is, find out where the kdm config files are, as those are probably the ones you want to tweak.

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