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eklitzke 03-14-2005 02:21 AM

Recovering Files From Another Filesystem
I've been dual booting between Windows XP and Linux (Fedora Core 3) for a few months now, and a couple weeks ago my Windows system died (it stopped booting - it's having HAL difficulties). It hasn't really been a problem because I wasn't using Windows very much anyway, but it recently occured to me that there are some files that I need from my Windows hard drive. It doesn't really seem like it's worth the effort to try to fix get Windows working again, but I need to retrieve these files. The Windows hard drive is NTFS, and I'm not sure what I need to do to recover these files. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

tormented_one 03-14-2005 02:49 AM

JZL240I-U 03-14-2005 04:22 AM

Just mount the appropriate win partition (read only), and copy the needed files. "man mount" for the syntax (not difficult, but I don't remember right now). You can also search this site, there are a lot of examples wandering around here...

eklitzke 03-14-2005 12:39 PM

Thanks, that's exactly what I needed. I'll probably work on this tonight, and if I run into any difficulties I'll post how I got around them.

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