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johnnyd 04-30-2001 02:57 PM

I've been adding hardweare to my machine, messing around with make xconfig a bit, and had no trouble recompiling the kernel and rebooting. Now after adding video drivers, when I make bzImage I am prompted for all kinds of processor info and crap like that. After 3 previous compiles this did not happen. Anyone know what's going on here?


webtoe 05-01-2001 10:56 AM

is this in the kernel configuration or as you type 'make bzImage' ? it shouldn't be asking ne questions after that, only displaying error messages.

what exactly does it say?


johnnyd 05-01-2001 03:22 PM

Fixed it......
Man I dunno what happened there, but I went and started the kernel recreation process a couple of times and it worked fine. I think for some reason the last time I was in make xconfig the .config file wasn't created.......

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