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stlouis 01-17-2008 09:48 PM

Recommended BASH Programming BOOK

I was just looking for some input on some good BASH Shell Programming/Scripting Books before I purchase one or two.

I'm looking for a good comprehensive book, that covers from the everything, from start to finish, including advanced techniques.

It would also be nice if it included chapters on other good utilities like sed, awk, expect, etc...

There's just so many out there, I just want to know what others think. I like the huge amounts of info on the net, but I also like a good book to, easier to find what you need if everything is all together...


duryodhan 01-17-2008 11:05 PM

Beginning Linux Programming

the first chapter covers Shell Programming pretty thoroughly, imho.

no need to create 2 threads btw.

pixellany 01-17-2008 11:14 PM

Bash Guide for Beginners
Advanced Bash Scripting Guide

Both free at

XavierP 01-18-2008 03:04 AM

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