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ingar 03-07-2006 12:05 PM

rdesktop - how can I get my local printer to work?

I'm using Mandriva 2006, and I'm using rdesktop to connect to a remote Windows-2003 server. I've got a HP Laserjet 1320 connected to my USB port - and it works just fine when I print locally (within Mandriva). I'm using CUPS.

I'm starting rdesktop with a command line similar to this:

rdesktop -u a_username_here -p a_password_here -g 1270x980 -a 16 -k no -d NTSERVER -r
printer:HPLaserjet_1320n="hp LaserJet 1320 PCL 5e"

BUT - I just don't understand how to get it to print from the remote server. What I want, is to start Word on the remote server and print out on my printer that I have connected to my computer.

I'm able to see it within the remote desktop (when I go to "Start" and "Printers and Faxes") - but in the terminal window in Mandriva - I'm getting an error message from CUPS (?):

lpr: error - unable to print file: client-error-not-found

I know that there's a lot of things here that I don't understand - but I'm not so good at Linux as yet.

How do I deal with this printing problem???


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