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John Tulodziecki 09-02-2005 12:35 PM

rapid deployment of web interface to postgresql
I am looking for web page design tool which will allow rapid prototyping (with automated php code generation) of a web interface into postgresql whilst running it on a linux machine with Apache.

The main requirements of the web page are :

High security log in ssl / https

Easy creation of table data presentation add,delete,modify entries etc

Configurable Search and Filter capabilities including conditional filtering and being able to sort by more than one column

e-mail facilities

report generation

multiple windows on the same database in the same log-on session.

multiple users of the web page at the same time on the same data

low development license cost

zero run-time costs

I was almost set on dbQuickSite but they do not offer encryption and they do not support postgresql.

Can I easily add an encryption module ?

Should I stick with MySQL (see below regarding stored procedures)?

Also they say they cannot present multiple windows on the same database in any given session ?

Stored Procedures are key in my application. So I am favouring postgresql over mysql because at the present time, stored procedures are much more tried and tested and better documented than in Mysql. would you agree ?

I am concerned though about performance and I have heard that mysql can be faster than postgres is this significantly true in the
case of stored procedures ?

Any thoughts would be very much appreciated as I am getting a very confused picture so far

Should I continue looking for a tool ?

Pay someone to do it for me and hand-maintain the php code keeping some expertise in house ?

Do it myself and hand-maintain the php code myself - keeping all expertise in house ?

I am not a php expert but the way the business seems to be going is
along the lines of auto-code gen.

Modifying the web page must be a fast and easy process.

So I favour auto-code gen if possible !!!

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