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Cyb3rKnyght 07-09-2004 12:59 AM

Quick Slackware question
I have slackware installed on a 10 gb hdd on a slow machine. I have a much faster machine waiting for an OS, will i get a kernel panic if i pull the slackware hard drive and place it in the faster machine?


slakmagik 07-09-2004 01:07 AM

Not as long as it's the same position - hda1 is hda1. Otherwise, you could try editing fstab and then powering down or boot with a bootdisk and edit it after powering up. May be other issues, of course - like I lost framebuffer moving one to an i810 from an nVidia card. Framebuffer and i810 don't get along. Little tweaks like that.

MBH 07-09-2004 06:25 AM

You might get one .. plus, you might get some driver errors and your new hardware might not be identified.

That is because your kernel was built (assuming u built/changed the kernel from the one in the CD) for certain drivers. Unless you selected everything else you didn't need as module, which will be probed and loaded @ load time.

I recommend downloading the latest kernel ->
and compile ur own kernel. See the main page for compilation steps.

Hope this helps.

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