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kith 06-16-2003 07:22 PM

Quick Question =)
Hi all! I am some what of a noob, I am new to this fourm and so far I like it =) ! However, I currently installed VMware Work Station 4.0, its a VERY VERY VERY cool progam. Me, being a Gentoo user, decided I wanted to mess around with Slackware. So i burned the ISO, loaded up Vmware and went to work. Well, in slack, you need too parition your HD, just like normal. But when I do my normal cfdisk /hde It doesn't work. Neither does /hda or any other hdX. Now it should work with /hde because I am useing an Asus motherboard with a Promise controller. I am pretty confused on why its not working. Also once I get into cfisk, is there a way to specify where to make the pairitons... I have the basic idea on how VMware works but not totaly sure how paritions work =) Any help would be great! Thanks. Oh and yes guys, I have used the search to look before i posted =)


jimrt 06-16-2003 07:59 PM

Not a big Slackware or VMWare user (though, I am a huge Gentoo fan) but is your VMWare set to emulate SCSI hard drives? If so, they would be /dev/sda /dev/sdb etc....

kith 06-16-2003 10:34 PM

Well I figured out it is /sda however, with the gentoo cfdisk it asks if i want to start with a zero parition table, i select yes and it works. When i do cfdisk -z (which does the same thing) it still doesn't work.. Any ideas?

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