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OrganicX 10-26-2002 10:44 AM

Question about Gnome
Does anyone know how to reduce the size of desktop icons in Gnome on RedHat 7.3?

I want to be able to fit more things on the desktop. Sometimes when I open a window, it is too big and no matter how much I expand it, the window wont fit on the desktop.


Ztyx 10-26-2002 11:26 AM

Are you running "gmc" (Gnome Midnight Commander) or "nautilus"?

OrganicX 10-26-2002 07:05 PM


Ztyx 10-27-2002 11:22 AM

Right. Open up a nautilus window.
Select in the menu:
Edit -> Preferences -> Views -> Icon view defaults -> Default zoom level

OrganicX 10-27-2002 09:11 PM

Thanks Ztyx but that doesnt work.

whiprush 10-28-2002 12:40 AM

You could always right click on the icon, select "Stretch Icon", then shrink it ...

Of course, if you have alot of icons, that could get old real quick. :)

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