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b:z 06-14-2005 03:57 AM

qmail - different between POP3-IMAP -- Please help me
- i intend to develop local mail server, however can everyone tell me benefit between POP3 and IMAP?
- Can i create user with Maildir option (/home/[username]), but the users can't login to server mail? Is that user put in shell nologin? Am i right?

Please help me. Thank you very much

GaijinPunch 06-14-2005 06:14 AM

The main difference between IMAP and POP3 is that IMAP generally leaves mail on the server. The user has the ability to have the same mailboxes anywhere they go. With POP3, users generally download mail to their box. They've got the option to leave it on the server as well, but for the most part download and delete. \

I definitely prefer IMAP, as I've got multiple computers in different places. The downside is that it takes up a lot more server space.

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