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dumbnewbie 08-02-2001 12:39 PM

proxomitron for linux?
I miss having an ad killer when I surf. Any suggestions for an easy to install one that works well? Right now I am surfing with Opera and the images toggled off. Crude but it works.

trickykid 08-02-2001 02:07 PM

I tend to use Browsers that don't require ads displayed if that is what your talking about.

dilberim82 08-02-2001 02:19 PM

I think he is talking about pop-up windows

dumbnewbie 08-02-2001 03:36 PM

Under windows, Proxomitron acted as a proxy and could prevent ads on web pages from loading. It could also prevent pop-ups and control cookies but that was a more minor thing.

Using a browser without javascript to avoid ads just isnt possible anymore, even many bulletin boards require it. Opera is a good compromise since it has a toggle button to prevent any images from loading, BUT I still prefer an ad killer like Proxomitron or even WebWasher. Ran across couple for Linux but they looked like big pain to compile and install. There is also the old setting host file addresses back to for ad servers. This prevents ads from loading, but requires a huge host file list and some ad people fiinally caught on and started using numerical addresses so as to bypass the hosts file altogether. By way I assume Linux has a hosts file? Where might that be if anybody knows? Hosts file manipulation is better than nothing and I can just do ad server addresses from sites I mostly frequent.

unSpawn 08-02-2001 04:46 PM

Heh. I tried & didnt like the "Shonen Knife" stuff, but then psychedelical GUI's arent my trip... Webwasher & Junkbuster OTOH are quite usefull, especially since the regexes u build (like /*.*/ad(_image|sdna_image|gifs?)/ ) for dodging ads are acceptable by both apps. Shame the Linux version of Webwasher sux0rz major. Junkbuster is avaliable for *nix and w32, installing & setting up is trivial.
The hosts file is ofcuz /etc/hosts

dumbnewbie 08-02-2001 05:09 PM

Been busy and set up hosts file to avoid ads. Somewhat successful as I expected it to be. Will try junkbuster one of these days.

I am using Mandrake 8.0 and one thing that bugged me in doing this was when I relogged in as root to write to hosts file, the whole desktop reset itself like it was at first install. When I then logged in again as a user it came back way it was. Luckily the hosts file stayed changed. Why did KDE desktop change when I logged as root? Just curious.

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