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royeo 08-01-2006 03:00 PM

Program icons not showing up on taskbar
I was trying to remove an applet icon from the Tasbar but I mistakenly removed an application icon that was running at the time. Now no program icons show up on the regular Taskbar, (I can make them show up if I create an external taskbar). Does anybody know how I can get things showing up on the regular Taskbar again? I tried right clicking on the Taskbar and going to Configure Panel>Taskbar and the "Show application icons" box is checked.

If I move the mouse down and off the screen the icons show up but I would like them to display all the time.

(They were showing up all the time on the external taskbar but I removed them and now I have a blank external taskbar that I can't get rid of. I'd like to.)



PS I use FC-5 and KDE.

fakie_flip 08-01-2006 05:49 PM

Are you using gnome? If you are, you could try Alacarte menu editor or ask in #gnome on freenode server on irc. Someone gave me a command a long time ago to reset the gnome menu back to the defualt settings when I screwed up mine. I don't have it anymore.

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