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Frank 11-16-2002 06:33 PM

Problems installing Mandrake 9.0 download version...
I downloaded the 3 Mandrake 9.0 isos from the official website. I had no problem to burn them. During the installation, the first cd worked great, the the second and third ones had so many problems that Mandrake couldn't install any package from them. I decided to download the 3 isos from an other site, but I had the same problem.
I compared the MD5 sums of every iso and there were no problem there.
I use Easy Cd Creator 5 and WinXP.

Thanks for the help!!!

MasterC 11-16-2002 08:06 PM

Well the 2 other cd's are just "extras" anyway. So for now, what I'd do is go ahead and finish the install with the first cd, and then boot into your box. Open up the software manager in the Mandrake Control Center, and then from there add the other programs you wanted from the 2nd and 3rd CD's.


moforel 11-20-2002 07:51 PM

Help wanted burning downloaded Mandrake
Hello ...

I downloaded all Mandrake 9 ... one file by one ... not the ISOS.

I have like 2.5 gig downloaded and do not know how to burn them on CDs.

Can you help me ?

MasterC 11-21-2002 02:02 AM

Wow, you are hard corps :)

Why did you do it that way??? You can make a boot install floppy disk (which I don't know how, but there are LOADS of threads on that) and then specify the partition that those files exist on for your install. That's one way you could do it...


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