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Brett 10-22-2001 05:32 PM

Problems downloading Red Hat 7.2
I don't know that this is necessarily a linux question, but here it is: I'm trying to download Red Hat Linux 7.2 from a mirror site; I have tried 10-15 different sites, but the download keeps stopping 1-2 hours after it starts. Here is the stuff I'm using:

Alcatel Speed Touch USB (738K) DSL modem
Windows 98
Netscape 6
320M Ram

Is there a program that will allow me to resume downloads? (Each time the download stops, I have to reboot to get my modem working again)

Thanks in advance!


Steave 10-22-2001 05:38 PM

I use getRight. Works fine for me. Get it at This does support resume, segmented downloading (even from different mirrors) .... All you need. It also comes with a kinda nice ftp-browser.

Brett 10-22-2001 05:44 PM

That's the fastest reply to anything I've ever posted! I'll check out that program and let you know if it worked for me.


Brett 10-26-2001 12:00 AM

alright, i ended up trying another mirror site; it was either :


i had a great connection, and extremely fast transfer rate. i ended up getting both images in under 4 hours with no problems!

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