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tha_newbfather 12-20-2002 08:56 PM

problems downloading .iso files
Hey all,

I've made several attempts to download .iso files for both RH 8.0 and Mandrake 9.0, but every single fricking time the checksums don't match. I'm downloading over an ADSL connection, using Mozilla's download manager. I've tried the download under Mandrake 8.1 and Winblows 98. Is there anything I should be doing differently, or am I just a hard luck case?

Thanks in advance!

DavidPhillips 12-20-2002 11:05 PM

try this

ifconfig eth0 mtu 1452

substitute your internet interface for eth0 if it's different

Also you should try using an ftp client

jetblackz 12-21-2002 12:02 AM

You're the first one I've ever heard to d/l iso within a Web browser, which is a very complex collection of programs.

Try soemthing lighter like Aria, my fave. It boosts download speeds if you want.

Also, try European ftp sites. I love them. Ultra fast.

BTW, you get the md5 checksums from the same site, not another.

tha_newbfather 12-22-2002 11:37 AM


I used Aria, -- what a great little ftp client! That did the trick, got all three iso's for RH8 no problem on the first try.

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