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jayakrishnan 12-14-2002 02:39 AM

problems after upgrading to RedHat 8.0

I upgraded from RH 7.2 to Rh 8.0. But when i try to run a program say quanta i get the following error

relocation error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZTI7QGArray


what is the reason and how do i rectify it

thanks in advance

jayakrishnan 12-15-2002 11:34 PM

Still stuck with the problem

jayakrishnan 12-15-2002 11:36 PM

Still stuck with the problem.

I forgot to add that i had manually updated the rpm packages.
i didn't updated the packages by selecting 'upgrade' option in the instalation screen

SlickWilly 12-16-2002 01:12 PM

Um.. I would go back and do the 'upgrade' then..

I think you're fairly stuffed - I assume you're using the 7.2 kernel, and associated libs.

And there'in lies your problem. DCOP is a messaging service which (if I'm correctly extrapolating my HPUX --> Linux) sends messages back and forth between your X-window desktop appilcations.

If you're getting DCOP errors I would imagine one of your libs is out of date. And even if you updated your I'd have zero confidence that something else wasn't also broken.

My advice would be to 1) install RH8 on a new machine, copy across data / executables which reside on your machine.

2) Attempt the 'upgrade' you didn't do before to try syncing the libs required.
3) Backup your data to floppy / cd, re-install your machine with RH8 and enjoy the pretty icons.. :)


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