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chessonly 05-11-2009 02:21 AM

Problems after resuming from suspend to ram
Running pclinuxos minime 2008, usb install.
I am having problems resuming my system, after suspending it to ram. The system suspends successfully, its only resume part that is giving me trouble.
After resuming from suspend, several commands refuse to work.

If the system is suspended with the command

s2ram -a 2 -f
then all commands fail(cd,shutdown,maketty, everything) , giving the error > "Segmentation Fault"

If I suspend using

echo -n mem > /sys/power/state
Then only some commands fail(synaptic,pcc), while others continue to work(cd, ls) . Errors are >
"cannot execute binary file"
"error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/different-lib-files: invalid ELF header"

What could possibly be the problem?

I run in root, so probably its not a permissions problem. Also after a soft-reset everything is back to normal

matiasar 08-10-2012 08:55 AM


I found your post, and I'm having almost the same problem in Debian Wheezy (32 bits) with 4Gb RAM.
I found just a workaround, still cound't isolate the final reason of failure when resuming from suspendo-to-ram.
I leave you me post and the workaround I found, limiting the amount of run by passing mem=3300m to kernel at boot time.

May be together we could find the real reason. Any kind of memory corruption seems to occur when system resumes, cos' almost any program ends with error.


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