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johnjafa 03-08-2007 03:51 PM

Pro Engineer in Linux
I am trying to load Pro/Engineer's Wildfire 3 on Linux. I have seen some things I have to do, but how do you do these?
Sorry, I'm trying to do this in FC6 now.
I did get it going in Suse 10.2, but 2 things were wrong; I couldn't run as a user without changing the fonts from .UTF or .utf font, so I ran it as SU. That was OK for a week until I copied a directory from the server onto the computer, which shut Pro/E down (in Linux!!.
Secondly, this is also ignoring that not all files loaded. Also, read the end and see why I don't care (I really am comfortabe in Suse, but I load FC6 in a way which is similar to me).
I do know I have to have in the /usr/lib dir.
This I can do.
A PTC customer support fellow let it out that somebody got Pro/E in FC going by compiling 6 files in a graphics library called pc something.
When trying to load in FC6, I initionally get an error message that the csh interpreter is wrong. I do know this is the C shell, but which do I need? What eles do I need, and how to do I install these?
There must be somebody who has done this in FC who can explain all this.
Oh yeah, Suse. Everybody is upset with Novell partnering with MS.
Go figure. MS does not partner with the competition..
I've been using Suse 7-8 years now and don't like what happened to me.
Did this happen to you??
I upgraded to 9.2 (repeat, upgraded, not Opensuse).
When 10.0 was out, I did not have a functioning computer. I could copy the files off, but thats all. I then downloaded 10.0, and when 10.2 came out, the same thing happened.
What happens to enterprise customers who decide not to upgrade?
This is not Suse.

ajays 04-06-2007 05:17 AM

install csh

the c shell package is called "csh". if u cat any of the ptc scripts, u'll find most of them using csh,

also make sure the environemnt variable $mc is set to i486_linux.

i'm running wf3 on ubuntu / linux-mint, and i think u should be able to run it on fc6 with a little effort

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