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tamim 10-10-2003 02:28 AM

Printer queue getting stuck

I am running 4 printer queues on a redhat linux 7.1 box. Whenever there are large no. of files in the printer queue, after printing some of the files the spooler for these queues gets stuck giving the following error -

Printer: printer@server (dest port@server)
Queue: 3 printable jobs
Server: no server active
Status: printer: Open_dgbm: open of DB file 'db.kingq' failed, File open error at 15:57:02.893

I have to restart the lpd service for the rest of the files to be sent to the printer again. Also I have noticed that some part of the current file is sent to the printer before it stops.

Anyone had this problem before and solved it, please let me know.


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