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newbiesforever 10-29-2009 12:57 PM

preserving hotkeys when reinstalling system
Are there any files outside /home that contain a record of my K menu hotkeys, that would have to be saved in order to save my hotkeys when reinstalling the distro? Because every time I've reinstalled, I lose some (not all) of the hotkeys, despite saving my user account. The only file I know must be saved is khotkeysrc. I hate losing my hotkeys with every reinstallation.

blackhole54 10-30-2009 01:49 AM

TMK a regular user can only write to his home directory, /tmp and /var/tmp, so I can't see how they could be stored anywhere else.

Is khotkeysrc an ASCII file? If so, look at its contents and see if you can understand them. If so, check if it defines all of your hotkeys. Next time you reinstall, you might want to save a copy of khotkeysrc entirely separate (say on a USB flash drive, or something) and if you still have lost hotkey definitions, compare what's in your home directory to the copy you save separately and make sure nothing has changed. I.e. the only thing I know to suggest is to do a little troubleshooting.

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