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DinoFly 03-31-2013 05:19 AM

PPPoE sessions over syslog from cisco routers
Hi guys,

I want to send pppoe sessions logins to my syslog server. Do Cisco routers send this kind of information to syslog?

Except for the syslog-ing facility, severity level configuration and to which file should I save them, and to accept remote logs (config plus firewall). Do I have to configure anything else on the server side. BTW my server already saves information (such as users that configures routers, ...)from cisco routers.

Since I am only substituting network admin for a while, I have to ask about how do I configure pppoe session logs to be send to my syslog server on the router side. I only need to keep tracks on who logs on, what ip-address does he takes, and of course when he does that. If it is possible even when the pppoe session disconnects.

Best regards

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